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Fernando considers himself a work in progress and someone committed to helping people reach up to him as he strives to reach new heights. With a "lift as you climb" mentality, Fernando wants to share his perspective as a first-generation American and the first in his family to graduate college. Having been raised by a single mom below the poverty line, he wants others to learn how we overcame the statistics stacked against him as a dyslexic. Understanding that life is only as hard as you make it, he wants to help empower young professionals currently questioning what the next step is. 


As a Professional Engineer in land development, he helps build cities and with the multiple leadership roles, he helps empower those communities.  He's been recognized by multiple organizations, but he knows that none of that means anything if he isn't helping others reach their goals. 

Randy spends his time spread across a lot of different arenas and has a lot of varied interests.
Having grown up enthralled by liberal arts, he went on to learn and play saxophone at a high level which led to becoming a Texas All-State musician in high school and playing in the Lone Star Youth Wind Orchestra. Simultaneously, Randy was indulging in his nerdom by playing Magic: the Gathering competitively and played semi-professionally for a brief period before having to quit due to financial difficulties. After spending one semester studying music in college, Randy decided that the rigorous music program UNT was ruining his passion and he moved on to other options. It wasn’t until after his dad and mom died when he was 18 and 19 respectively that he decided to go into commercial real estate, where he works today as a real estate developer.

Now, Randy’s status as a socialite has led to him being involved with several organizations in
Dallas including the co-founding of the non-profit corporation, One of a Kindness, and founding the Friends in Real Estate monthly happy hour for young real estate professionals. Randy is an avid reader and student of philosophy, and most importantly, plays Dungeons and Dragons regularly with his friends.

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